We are always pushing our filmmakers to explore new paradigms for mobile media.

Platform providers doubling as content providers=wolves in sheep's clothing?

Bigger is not always better.

Sustainability is key...

We are early entrants to the mobile media market, and have been commercially streaming to phones longer than virtually everyone else.

Among our accomplishments to date:

  • We have already developed and deployed mobile-specific brands (mFlix, and the Worlds Smallest Film Festival) and have been streaming short films under our labels to operators since 2004; mFlix is on mobile decks as anchor tenants in the UK and the US, with more opportunities in the works;
  • We have market-proven models for mobile content acquisition and programming.
  • We own the Worlds Smallest Film Festival events, the first of their kind events for showcasing mobile content


We have built a sustainable mobile video model, that we believe can form the template for a very successful business that meets the demands of the market, now and in the future.


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