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Filmmakers, TV producers, musicians, animators and artists have a chance to reach an eventual market of more than 1.3 billion phones via our distribution channels. Try that in Hollywood!



What is mFlix?

mFlix is a collection of mobile-ready shows, cartoons, and music videos made by the most promising independent artists, streamed to mobile phones. The mFlix channel was the first independent movie channel chosen by Sprint Nextel for their launching lineup, when Sprint launched America's first national commercial mobile media service in August 2004. mFlix has been streaming since that time, in the US and elsewhere, delighting viewers by showing tens of thousands of movies 24/7, 365 days of the year. Along the way we have worked with some of the greatest and most innovative creative minds in the industry.

Why is mFlix so popular? Because mFlix shows cool streaming content that you just won't find elsewhere. mFlix are real movies, not just stupid clips, and they are not selling you anything: with mFlix you'll just get the best underground, truly independent mobile film content made.

We have recently formed a relationship with SonicBids.com, which enables their musician members to submit music and music videos for consideration to air on mFlix. If you are a musician and want to submit your work to us, please visit SonicBids to apply.


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